September 10 - 11, 2016
Competing in the Hillclimb
Who can enter:
If you are an experienced car driver or motorcycle rider with competition experience and a properly equipped vehicle, you can enter the hillclimb. There are divisions for production, modified and street vehicles - a roll cage is not required to race in the street class. Hillclimbers with previous experience or who are licensed with a sanctioning body can provide their membership number for immediate entry.  (SCCA, VSCCA or NEHA, NASA, AMA, Rally America, etc.) Novice hillclimbers are welcome and encouraged. If you have never competed in a hillclimb before, you will be asked to submit a competition resume prior to being granted entry and may be required to attend a novice orientation.

All vehicles will need to complete a technical inspection the morning of the event and you will be required to sign liability waivers. As with all competitive motorsport events, you will be required to wear and/or carry specific safety devices.

This event follows a typical Hillclimb time trial format. Competitors are released onto the closed auto road at regular intervals and are timed from bottom to top. At the top of your run, you wait until the other vehicles to finish and then all drive/ride down together in a line. We have volunteer checkpoints at multiple points on the hill to check progress and monitor the racing surface for safety. The hill will be open all day on Saturday for timed practice runs and all day on Sunday for timed race runs. If all goes smoothly, you will get multiple runs in the morning and afternoon each day. Please see the documents section (right) for schedule and registration class information.

How to enter:
Online registration is open. Please use the link in the right-hand column. If you have any questions about entry, or need to register offline please e-mail Max Stratton.

Simply a reconnaissance run up the Mt Ascutney auto road that can be used for hillclimb competitors from bicyclists to autos and motorcycles. There are plenty of cycling and racing action videos out there, but this video was done frame by frame and shows detail you might normally miss at race pace... whatever your steed!
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Online Registration
To register and pay online, please follow the link below:
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Helpful Information:
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